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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — For some, a fitness routine includes weight lifting and machines.

But experts say you don’t have to have equipment to get in a good workout.

When you step inside a gym, you usually notice a stack of barbells and workout equipment.

But something else that can help you get fit isn’t sitting on a shelf or displayed on the gym floor. Instead it’s your own body.

“I’ve always done workouts with my own body weight. I find it beneficial just because it’s, I mean you’re using your own weight so your building more strength versus using heavier weights and you’re actually becoming more leaner,” Stroup said.

Megan Stroup has been doing this pump fitness class for seven years.

The class incorporates equipment including barbells and dumbbells, while also offering the opportunity to use your own body weight.

“Fitness has changed over the years based on the research and the trends and so we’re evolving so we’re not just using the dumbbells and the barbells. We’re starting to incorporate exercises that just use your body as your machine or your piece of equipment,” Danelle Schultz said.

Class instructor Danelle Schultz says using your own body weight to workout is more challenging than it may sound.

“You’d be surprised because some of the exercises, traditional body weight exercises like planks, push-ups, pull-ups, those are not easy because you’re using, you’re lifting your whole body,” Schultz said.

Helping your heart rate go up and keeping the intensity at a level you’re comfortable with.

Another benefit of using your own body weight to workout with is that it’s not just something you can do in the gym, but also at home.

“That’s one thing I like to do try to do is educate our members on how they can learn to exercise on their own so they can take it when they’re traveling or do it at home on their own, outside at a park,” Schultz said.

Stroup says that makes a big difference.

“It’s just easier to do it at home when I have her and I can’t make it here to the class,” Stroup said.

Schultz encourages others hoping to learn body weight exercises to join the class and learn the proper and safe way to perform the exercises.

This pump fitness class is held weekly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Sanford Wellness.

To take a look at the times and location it’s offered at, click here.

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