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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — For some, a fitness routine involves more than just a workout.

You may also stretch before or after you exercise.

Nikki Reinsbach says her gym routine contains a variety of workouts, and today she’s getting in her cardio.

“Right now I’m in the middle of a marathon training cycle so I’ve been coming in to run or lift mostly,” Reinsbach said.

Before she hits the treadmill she makes sure to fit in some stretches.

“I stretch before and after my runs and then I like to do yoga a couple days a week as well,” Reinsbach said.

Physical therapist Josie Stockland says while many people have been taught to do long stretches, or static stretches before a workout it’s not always necessary.

“In recent years they’ve found some evidence that really probably a better place for static stretching is after an activity and is probably part of your cool down,” Stockland said.

She says research shows that those who spend time doing static stretching before an activity can actually end up with decreased power– specifically when planning to run as a workout.

Experts say a stretching routine can differ person to person based on their individual goals.

While her patients do have the option to pick what works best for them, Stockland often recommends they perform dynamic stretching ahead of a workout in order for them to retain their power.

“Dynamic stretching is about like moving through the range of motion more quickly,” Stockland said.

And an added bonus to swapping static for dynamic stretching is the time you’ll save doing it.

“You’re going to get the muscles moving through the range of motion but because it’s not held over a long amount of time there hasn’t been shown to be any like power decrease or efficiency decrease in performance after that,” Stockland said.

Allowing you to reach your full potential throughout your workout, while keeping the duration at a minimum.

To see a list of dynamic stretches, click here.

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