What is the Precise Nail Procedure?


Cordin Caudell is an athlete.

And no sports lover wants to be sidelined by pain.

“Sometimes my legs will start to hurt and my hips will start to hurt and everything,” Patient Cordin Caudell said.

Soon that should be a worry of the past after undergoing the precise nail procedure a couple of months ago.

One of Cordin’s femurs was longer than the other so the shorter one had to be lengthened.

“Historically, lengthening a bone was much harder and harder on patients. We actually had to put pins in the bone that stuck out of the skin with a bar outside of the skin,” Sanford Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Geoff Haft said.

However, Sanford Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Geoff Haft says a less invasive procedure coupled with newer technology have changed that.

“This is a rod that goes inside the bone and it can essentially be lengthened with a remote control,” Haft said.

Cordin can use the device for himself.

“It still amazes me that a magnet is just pulling my son’s legs apart, his bone apart so it’s pretty amazing,” Cordin’s Mother Crystal VanOverschelde said.

Cordin is still using crutches, but he knows he’ll back to playing the sports he loves soon.

“I won’t have any back pain or anything so I’ll be just right,” Caudell said.

Doctor Haft expects Cordin to be back to playing sports in 2-3 months.

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