Starting the day off with a cup of coffee is a morning ritual for many of us.

But that can sometimes come with a caffeine crash later on.

Busy schedules can make anyone wish they had a little extra energy. 

“I usually brew two cups at home and put it in my thermos and drink that all morning,” Margie Thorstenson said. 

In addition to her coffee, Margie Thorstenson adds food to her morning routine to avoid the dreaded caffeine crash. 

“Gotta have my oatmeal in the morning but I need to make sure it’s got some protein in it so I put a couple of tablespoons of walnuts in there and some cinnamon too,” Thorstenson said. 

She says another tip to avoid feeling tired is to not skip meals. 

“Energy is better when I eat at regular times and I don’t skip a meal. If I’m not that hungry I’ll just have a little bit but I still eat pretty regularly,” Thorstenson said. 

To keep your energy going all day registered dietitian Amanda Lambrechts recommends eating balanced snacks or meals every three to four hours.

 “If you’re just eating something that has a pretty decent amount of carbs in it or maybe a simple sugar, but you don’t have anything like protein or fat, you’re probably not going to sustain that energy,” Lambrechts said. 

But she cautions meals high in certain fats can end up slowing you down.

If you’re looking for fuel specifically before exercise dietitians recommend having a simple carb, such as a piece of toast or simply a banana. 

Lambrechts says even with the coffee and food as fuel, some people may still feel a bit on the tired side. But drinking some water may be an easy fix. 

“Water doesn’t directly provide you energy because it doesn’t have calories in it, it’s a zero calorie item. But it can help you, especially people who are dehydrated, you might feel a little sluggish, fatigued, that can definitely help,” Lambrechts said. 

Lambrechts says because coffee is a stimulant you won’t find the same energy from food as you will from a cup of joe, but pairing the two together may be the key to keeping your energy going all day long. 

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