Turning Up The Heat

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - It's the start of the New Year and for some that may mean kick starting your fitness goals. 

And one group fitness class is making sure the cold weather in KELOLAND doesn't stop you. 

For some, getting ready for 2019 means turning up the heat in hot yoga.

"I like to sweat a lot when I work out and so I achieve that for sure and my whole outfit is wet when I'm done," Kathleen Hruska said. 

Hruska plays professional volleyball abroad and has been attending hot yoga for 3 years.
She says the class helps her in multiple ways.

"It's definitely prevented injuries, stretching is really important and it increases your aerobic capacity for sure," Hruska said. 

Yoga instructor Kaily Imhoff says the room reaches around 86 to 90 degrees, a big difference from the frigid temps in KELOLAND.

"Traditional yoga, it's not heated so you'll sweat still but it won't be anything compared to hot yoga," Imhoff said. 

She says you can expect more fitness equipment like weights, compared to traditional yoga. 
A difference that Hruska says is helpful. 

"I think it's a great way to kind of cross train and get some new movements and exercise into my routine," Hruska said. 

Instructors say you can expect to sweat more than usual in a hot yoga class, so don't forget to stay hydrated. 

In addition to increased lung capacity, increased circulation and injury prevention, Imhoff says this class is also beneficial for those trying to lose weight. 

"Since you are sweating more you are going to flush out more sweat and excrete more toxins," Imhoff said. 

Hruska encourages those who've never tried the class to attend, for more reasons than the physical benefits. 

"In the wintertime in South Dakota it's so cold it's nice to come into the hot studio and just get really warmed up. I'm always cold so I enjoy that," Hruska said. 

Imhoff added that before trying anything new in fitness you should check with your primary physician.

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