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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — It’s a mother-daughter day in the pool for Teresa and Sarah Dvorcek. 

“She’s back from college so this is kind of a treat for me to have her here with us,” Teresa Dvorcek said. 

It turns out swimming runs in the family.  The mother of eight says all of her kids have taken lessons. 

“We’ve kind of noticed that as we get further along that just the more time they spend in the pool and their comfort in the pool is what really makes them a good swimmer,” Dvorcek said. 

As summer draws closer, Stacey Stahl with EmBe says more people are getting interested in swimming lessons. 

“People are anticipating their kiddos going to the pool and maybe getting that refresher course or saying, ‘I need to get my kid started in swimming lessons so they feel so they feel more confident when they’re going into the swimming pool in the summer,” Executive Director of Youth Programming Stacy Stahl said.

When it comes to signing your child up for swimming lessons, Stahl says the sooner the better. 

In fact, the organization even offers parent-child classes for the smallest of swimmers. 

“Sometimes the littlest babies up to one or two years old, they have that fear of the unknown so coming in and just getting them familiar with water and what it feels like, but being able to be there with them is a good start,” Stahl said.

No matter when you start, it could be a life-saving skill for years to come. 

“They learn it now it’s like riding a bike. You’re never going to lose that skill,” Stahl said. 

It is why this Teresa and Sarah Dvorcek will have many more pool days to enjoy together. 

EmBe has classes for kids and adults. 

Click here to learn more. 

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