SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Every once in a while you may hear about a new diet plan promising you results and gaining a large following fast.

But over time, you also see that diet slowly fade out of the limelight, only to be replaced by another.

Jessica Gran is no stranger to the world of dieting.

“Oh I’ve tried a few diets. I’ve tried like the high carb, low carb, I don’t think that one works very well. And I’ve tried like juice diets,” Gran said.

In fact, Gran recently embarked on a new diet plan– keto. The ketogenic diet, called keto for short, involves eating a low carb, high fat diet.

“You know it’s really not that bad. My dad has celiac so I kind of got used to not eating bread, so I just kind of pick from where I left off there,” Gran said.

Gran says she’s been unsuccessful with past diets due to their strict limits on what you can and can’t eat, but says keto is more sustainable in her life and keeps her full.

Registered dietitian Amanda Lambrechts says finding something you can sustain is key.

“I think it’s just important to evaluate what are the foods you enjoy? Is this diet going to be something I can do in the long term?” Lambrechts said.

Dietitians say sticking to a strict diet may lead you to binge over time, reversing the progress you already made.

“When people eliminate a lot of food groups they go through what’s called a binge restrict cycle. So they restrict, restrict, restrict and then eventually they have access to that food, we’ll say chocolate for example, and then they go crazy with it because they feel like they’re never going to have it again,” Lambrechts said.

Instead, Lambrechts suggests making small changes over time such as eating more vegetables and incorporating exercise to reach your goals.

And from experience, Gran agrees that most so called ‘crash diets’ aren’t worth it.

“All you do is you get like a little bit of instant gratification, or you lose water retention, and then you’re most likely to gain it back like a week later. So there’s really no point in the whole crash diet thing,” Gran said.

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