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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Many of us wear glasses or contacts to help us see better.

But one thing we can’t see is what our children’s vision looks like.

“Ever since she’s had them, they’re inseparable. She sleeps in her glasses, she does everything in her glasses. Don’t you?” Anne Moisuk said.

But before picking out her new pink glasses, 4-year-old Hannah Moisuk wasn’t seeing much at all.

Dr. Geoffrey Tufty says Hannah had a plus 9 prescription, or in other words, a significant prescription.

“Early eye screenings are good to get in kids who are about 2 to 6 years of age. And they’re screening through the Alliance Club, through the Eye Foundation and through our Sanford Clinics,” Tufty said.

He says children who need glasses but don’t know it can develop various problems such as learning issues, eye strains, and headaches.

Even if it seems like your child is seeing well, doctors say there could still be a problem.

“We had no idea that she couldn’t see and her whole world has changed. Especially as she gets older and wants to learn and start writing and using her letters, you know she can see those now and she can see what they are,” Anne Moisuk said.

Hannah’s mom, Anne, says there were no signs her daughter couldn’t see.
After putting on glasses for the first time Anne says it was obvious Hannah was seeing the world in a whole new way.

“She would look at faces, and it would take her a minute because she knew the voice, but the face was different from what she was used to,” Anne said.

Now she’s urging others to get screened to prevent problems for their children down the road.

“You know you hear stories of kids in the 3rd grade who were like oh wait, trees actually have leaves? And we just, you know the parents had no idea that they couldn’t see,” Anne said.

Tufty says it’s not uncommon to see kids around age 7 to 9 with eye issues that were never caught.

He says you can avoid letting an eye problem continue without your knowledge by getting an early eye screening to prevent any sight issues later in life.

“Once you go in for a well-child check or school shots, they’re usually done at those times,” Tufty said.

Tufty says there are options other than glasses, such as surgery, available to treat your child, depending on the results of their eye screening.

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