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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Instead of taking your vehicle to get from point A to point B, some people choose to bicycle as a way of getting around.

But before getting out on the road, it’s important to remember the rules of the road.

“I bike as much as I can whether it’s a quick trip to a coffee shop or to work or to even longer rides on the weekend on the bike trail, or even to places that have single track and things like that,” Chad Pickard said.

Pickard says his love for biking started at a young age, and has since lead to him now owning a local bike shop, Spoke-N-Sport. But his love for biking doesn’t come without a love for safety, too.

“I’m a survivor, I’ve been hit by 3 cars,” Pickard said.

Yep. You heard him right, and that’s why he says knowing how to safely ride a bicycle on the road is a topic that’s very important to him.

Clinical manager for PatientCare EMS Scott Christensen says putting on bright or neon colored clothing can help drivers see you on the road, but that’s not the only thing you’ll want to put on before heading out.

“The most sensitive organ on your body is your brain and a helmet protects your brain, so you want to make sure you have the proper riding gear,” Christensen said.

He says checking the tires, brakes, and chain can also help prevent injuries while cycling. And if you see a stoplight or stop sign, Christensen says those rules apply to cyclists, too.

Another rule on the road for bicyclists to keep in mind is to yield to pedestrians and other vehicles on the road

“When you’re turning left hand signal for left is just your left hand straight out. If you’re turning right you can use your right arm straight or, also you can use your left hand, hand up and that signifies a right hand turn. And if you’re stopping it’s just your hand down, left hand down,” Christensen said.

In addition to cyclists being aware of their surroundings, Pickard says motorists should keep an eye out as well. He says some cyclists use lights on the front and back of their bike that can be seen from about a mile away, even in daylight.

“We’re definitely seeing and encouraging daytime running lights when you’re out on the highways or even in town, because it just, it gets the attention of drivers,” Pickard said.

Although Sioux Falls has a few designated bike lanes there are areas where the road can be shared by cyclists, called a sharrow.

To take a closer look at where all of the on-street bike routes in Sioux Falls are, click here.

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