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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — With a goal of advancing individualized health care, the National Institutes of Health launched the ‘All of Us’ research program. 

Sanford Health’s Imagenetics building is hosting the ‘All of Us’ Journey Exhibit this week to raise awareness about the program, and invite you to join in the research. 

The hope of “All of Us” is to advance precision medicine, or health care tailored to you. 

“We all almost intuitively know that not every medication works the same for everyone, not every treatment works the same for everyone, some patients respond to therapies differently, some benefit a lot, some don’t benefit at all,” Murat Sincan said. 

To better understand that, at least a million people need to get involved.

“The goal of ‘All of Us’ is better healthcare for everyone and in order to get to that point we need research done, and one thing that’s been lacking from research is diversity across the entire country,” Francisco Huizar said.

Field director Francisco Huizar is traveling across the country to raise awareness about research.

“We have some hands on activities to do, we have virtual reality. If somebody decides they would like to participate we’ll ask them basic information from the person and a full participation would include a full exam from our examiner,” Huizar said.

These activities teach you about the program and explain how you could make a difference. 

“The lack of representation has been a big issue in research overall, so we’re here so that your community can be represented,” Huizar said. 

The program is already drawing in people from the community.  Benjamin Benson works in research, which motivated him to sign up. 

“I try to get kids involved in research all the time so anytime if there’s an opportunity to get the public involved in research, we try to get involved and see what we can do to help and share the information,” Benson said. 

Participants will be asked to complete health surveys among other tasks, based on what’s most convenient. 
 Sincan with Sanford Imagenetics says the research is crucial in paving the road to better outcomes in health care in the future. 

“We’re going to be much better at quickly understanding how to treat that patient with the best medication or the therapy available without side effects or with minimal side effects,” Sincan said.

For more information on how to get involved, click here.

To see upcoming events near you, click here.

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