Pain relief with microcurrent therapy


SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — There’s a new option for people in KELOLAND dealing with chronic pain.

Microcurrent therapy is a non-invasive option for those hoping to combat pain.

Raymond Williams has been physically active his entire life, but over the last six months lower back pain has made working out difficult.

“I’m trying to stay active, so I’m trying to do different options, different movements to try to stay away from that pain but now it’s kind of unavoidable,” Williams said.

He has tried various methods to combat the pain, but so far nothing has worked.

Now, he’s turning to microcurrent therapy to find relief.

“It basically delivers a tiny little shock to the area of impaired connective tissue, restores that homeostasis and then it takes in oxygen, it takes in micronutrients and the body heals,” Cory Harm said.

Owner of Arete Wellness, Cory Harm says his business is the first to offer microcurrent therapy across the Midwest.

“We kind of get their medical history and then we have them lay down, we find the point of most pain or most limited mobility or limited range of motion,” Harm said.

Then electric currents are dispersed to the area needing treatment using probes.

He says the therapy offers benefits for a wide variety of people, including those with pain, limited range of motion, limited mobility and even athletes hoping to increase their performance.

While you won’t feel any sensations during the treatment you can expect your body to feel extremely relaxed for three to four hours after.

“You’re going to feel it after one session. The affects are cumulative so I mean, if it’s something chronic that you’re dealing with it might take a few more sessions to kind of hit it home, but this machine is just getting the body out of its own way and then allowing the body to heal itself,” Harm said.

Williams says having this therapy available in Sioux Falls is exciting and he’s hopeful for good results.

“Everybody goes to like me, the old school treatments, stretching out, tiger ball, maybe even going to the chiropractor, things like that but with technology I definitely thing that this is something big,” Williams said.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment for microcurrent therapy, click here.

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