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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - If you can't find the time in your schedule to get into the gym, experts say don't worry!

Online fitness training lets you access useful information no matter what kind of schedule you have. 

When it comes to fitness goals, meeting with a trainer face-to-face isn't always necessary.  

Throughout his fitness journey,  Marcus Goodfellow has tried a variety of online training programs. 

"You can start these things at home if you're a beginner, and just having the convenience to not having any kind of a commute time," Goodfellow said.  

Goodfellow says he's tried free programs, and programs that don't require a gym membership at all, but says being inside the gym has helped him stay accountable. 

"Online training can be for anyone that wants to gain muscle, lose weight, gain weight. Any sort of person that has any fitness goals," GreatLIFE trainer Brendan Harberts said.

Harberts says online training is popular.

"Online training is essentially writing someone's workouts, their cardio, their workout plan, sometimes their nutrition if you offer that as well, mobility and all that stuff for someone that you're not going to be seeing in person," Harberts said.

Harberts says if you are a beginner it may benefit you to meet face-to-face with a trainer to be sure you  have good form. 

"Online training is a really good way to have someone guiding you without kind of holding your hand while you're doing it," Harberts said. 

Not all online fitness programs cost money, so if you're on a budget that may be the right plan for you. 

Just keep in mind most free programs won't be tailored to your personal needs. So if you are spending money, Harberts has this advice. 

 "Just make sure when you are choosing the person helping you that you know it's someone you can trust and that you know is not going to just give you the same workout as everyone else, and that they're going to customize it for you and make sure it's the right workout for you," Harberts said. 

Harberts says if you're interested in online training a good first step is reaching out to a trainer at a local gym.

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