Nurses offer support during pandemic


SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Tuesday is international nurses day, and that has a local mother-daughter duo sharing their experience in the field.

Tammy Sasker is an acute dialysis nurse at Sanford Health. While she always knew she would go into the field, seeing her daughter follow in her footsteps makes her feel proud.

“It’s really hard to put into words. For me, I knew I wanted to do health care my entire life. I have a grandma and aunts that were nurses. So when Tasha decided that’s what she wanted to do and to see her put her heart into a totally different area of nursing, meant a lot,” Sasker said.

“I had no intentions of being a nurse originally, and then I watched my mom be passionate growing up with her patients and loving her job and it pushed me to want to become a nurse and now… here I am,” Mortenson said.

Tasha Mortenson, an oncology nurse at Sanford says she loves everything about being a nurse, and is glad she chose the path– even in times like this.

“It’s nice to know that I have her to go to talk to about the pandemic and what’s going on at work, and we can kind of bounce ideas off of each other if we need to. I just love having her to talk to about things I need help with,” Mortenson said.

“To know I can call her and say hey today was a great day this victory happened or today was kind of a rough one. We can cry on the phone together, we can laugh, we can do whatever and share that and that means a lot,” Sasker said.

The family bond extends past just the two of them though, as patients see less of their own family due to safety precautions in the hospital.

“We’re always there for our patients but now that they’re not allowed to have visitors we’ve become even more family to them and help support them as much as we can,” Sasker said.

A second family that patients need now more than ever.

“Caring for our patients that don’t have their family members right now, they really need our support and I’m glad we can be there for them,” Mortenson said.

“We’re here to be that support and be their family,” Sasker said.

If you have any nurses in your life, don’t forget to send a thank you for the hard work they’re doing.

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