No Age Limit On Goals

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - The start of the new year can feel like a fresh slate for many.

To-do lists filled with what you want to accomplish in the New Year may be exciting, but can also feel challenging. 

Michele Gregg is a regular at Touchmark at All Saints, making sure she gets her exercise in about six days a week.

"I've worked out for decades and its worked out fine. Plus, I have orthopedic issues, I have arthritis in my knee and I have a total hip replacement and I'm doing great, but I want to keep that going," Gregg said. 

Gregg says her New Year's resolution is simple: stick to her consistent fitness routine.  And she's already accomplishing her goal. 

"Find a gym that you really like. I've heard there's some research that the closer it is to your home or your work the more likely it is to continue," Gregg said. 

Touchmark Health and fitness director Tyler Ramstad says when you're setting a goal for the new year try picking something you're able to track, such as a fitness class at a certain time each week. 

"We always encourage our members, residents, everybody to strive for new things, try new stuff. Whether it's setting goals or continuing things that they started last year," Ramstad said. 

Trainers say when it comes to reaching your goal be sure not to set the bar too high. 

"Bringing them back down a little bit because you always have next year, so if you meet your goals in the first year you can always set those goals a little bit higher the next year," Ramstad said. 

Ellen Kelley is the life enrichment director for Touchmark at All Saints. She says staying physically fit works in combination with your wellness as a whole. 

"I feel like we all can get stuck in a rut sometimes. You know, you get into routines. It's hard to get out of them," Kelley said. 

When working toward a goal, like getting active, she says it's important to stay mentally, emotionally and socially engaged.

"Everyone, no matter your age, we're all just human. You will always want to move forward with your life. You always want to be proving yourself," Kelley said. 

Reminding everyone that there's no age limit on setting new goals. 

"I just encourage everyone to give it a try here. It's just worked out so well," Gregg said. 

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