The Sioux Falls Storm team is approaching their last game of the season this Saturday. 

But before they get their game face on, they’re making a pit stop to loosen up. 

Preparing for a football game goes farther than scrimmages and workouts for this team. 

The Sioux Falls Storm says without receiving chiropractic care, they don’t feel as prepared. 

“It helps me a lot. It loosens up my body before the game. He comes through before every home game and he cracks us and gets us right and I feel better  before the game,” Trey Wafford said. 

Wafford, a safety for the Storm says he endures a lot of impact during the game so he’s thankful for this opportunity to alleviate some pain and tension. 

“I take advantage of it every time I see him,” Wafford said. 

Dr. Galen Stolp with integrated chiropractic and rehab says in addition to helping the players loosen up, the care helps prevent injuries while alleviating muscle pain. 

“If you’re trying to be in something competitive with fitness go get adjusted. Get your body lined up, make sure you have no pain. Pain is restricting what you want to do and what you love,” Stolp said. 

This is the Storms sixth time receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Stolp ahead of every home game. 

Claude Davis, a defensive end for the Storm, says his body doesn’t feel ready without a visit to Stolp ahead of game time.

“Stiffness, soreness, take your bones a little bit to get moving when you’re running and stuff like that,” Davis said.  

Which is why Davis says no matter what sport you’re playing, or even if you’re just very physically active, getting adjusted is important. 

“We’ve faced tough games the past few weeks, you know we’ve been going into overtime. So I know people’s bodies are beat up, so this is critical in preparation before the big game on Saturday,” Davis said.

Stolp says he’s happy for the opportunity to help the players, and says the appreciation from players is overwhelming. 

“I would love to say hey, that was all because of me… but that’s not the case at all. They go out there, they do appreciate what I’ve done. I’ve done this for so many years and I’ve had so many players come out and thank me for what I do, especially end of the season,” Stolp said. 

The Sioux Falls Storm face off against Iowa in the United Bowl Championship this Saturday at 7 p.m.