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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Symptoms such as shortness of breath or muscle soreness may seem like nothing to worry about.

But a local man knows all too well that if something doesn’t feel right, it’s better to be safe and check with your doctor than ignore it.

Luckily, when Ben Hasche began noticing muscle pain accompanied by significant shortness of breath, he didn’t wait. After a visit with his primary care doctor Hasche was referred to Dr. Tom Stys, a Sanford Health interventional cardiologist.

“I had my angiogram scheduled for a Monday and I went in for a consult with Dr. Stys on a Friday, and he came in, looked at my chart and just I can’t let you go home for the weekend,” Hasche said.

Hasche had two complete blockages in his left coronary artery. That was shocking news for the then 33-year-old, with no family history of heart disease.

“Ben’s case is an excellent example of picking up disease that could’ve been life threatening for him, even imagine the worst, sudden cardiac death,” Stys said.

Hasche underwent surgery, having two stents placed in his artery and was sent home soon after his surgery.

Now, Ben is following a heart healthy diet and getting regular exercise. And just months after his surgery Ben says he’s feeling amazing.

“I feel like I’m a decade younger. It’s amazing how much better you feel. Even a year before the procedure I didn’t really have much of a will to work out, and now I’m like go, go, go,” Hasche said.

Stys says Hasche is on the right track, stating that up to 80 percent of heart disease is preventable through lifestyle modifications such as diet, weight and exercise.

As for symptoms to look for, Stys says they vary patient to patient– and tend to be very vague.

“It could be just a subtle issue such as exercise has declined. And so unfortunately it’s very tough to come up with an algorithm, a list of symptoms that will be complete for a patient to follow,” Stys said.

By sharing his story, Hasche hopes to get his point across that your symptoms should always be taken seriously.

“Listen to your body and when, realize when something’s wrong that it’s important just to go in because you never know. And I’m proof that you never know what it could be,” Ben Hasche said.

Sanford Health offers heart screening throughout South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota. To find a clinic near you, click here.

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