How Long You Should Spend In The Gym


Do you ever feel burned out from going to the gym too often, or too long?

Or maybe you’re not seeing the results you want. 

Brian Estes isn’t new to the gym scene. He’s been active in the gym since 1992. 

“It keeps me feeling younger and I’m in my 50’s now so trying to stay a little younger,” Estes said. 

Estes says you can find him here five times a week.  His workouts last around an hour and a half. 

“I play tennis too so then I’m in here longer but for working out, after an hour and a half I’m just getting tired,” Estes said. 

GreatLIFE trainer Nathan Christensen says Estes is on the right track. 

“Honestly, what I recommend for people is to try to get here for about an hour. That way you can spend some time doing a little cardio and also some weight training,” Christensen said. 

Christensen says once your heart rate begins to rise you’re in fat burning mode.

“A lot of times what you hear is 45 minutes. Really that’s just a number that’s splitting the difference. It depends on the person but really once you feel your body sweating and your body working, as long as you keep that intensity up you’re burning fat,” Christensen said.  

He says staying consistent is important, but don’t overdo it. 

Trainers say give each muscle group at least 48 hours to recover before working it out again. 

Christensen says the biggest mistake he sees is people not giving their muscles a break, which can lead to injuries. 

“I’d say it’s really good just mentally too, and just to let your body gather some energy for the next week of workouts,” Christensen said. 

“Obviously you need to come in long enough to get a good workout but if you keep going too long, especially as you get older you’re going to start injuring yourself,” Estes said. 

So next time watch the clock, so you can reach your goals in time. 

For a list of workouts for beginners to try at the gym, click here.

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