SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Residents needing dialysis who live at Good Samaritan Society Sioux Falls Village now have a new option when it comes to their treatment.

Current and future residents at Good Sam Sioux Falls village can now receive staff-assisted dialysis treatment without having to step foot outside.

Director of dialysis services in Sioux Falls, Twyla Nordquist, says it all takes place in the new home hemodialysis den.

“First of its kind in South Dakota and the state and, and also in the Sanford enterprise and really, there’s just a handful of them across the nation,” Nordquist said.

Bessie Hammer, the director of nursing at Good Sam Village says the new option will shorten typical treatment time.

“They’d go from here, Good Sam Village, over to Sanford Imagenetics and from start to finish, getting ready, going, getting there, dialysis, coming back, we’re looking at almost six hours, three times a week,” Bessie Hammer said.

Currently, two residents are receiving dialysis in the den, with more residents prepared to transition in the future.

Paulette Wright is one of the two patients receiving treatment in the new den. She says the access is a blessing.

“I don’t have to get up and be hauled out. And then, you know, if it’s cold, oh those were the worst,” Wright said.

Now, treatment should take about two and a half hours, 4 times a week, leaving residents like Wright with more time to do activities they enjoy.

“I just love the help I’m getting. I do. I’m so grateful to the Lord and to the staff here,” Wright said.

“It’s just an awesome opportunity. We’re very grateful to be able to be on this venture with Good Sam Village. And it’s just been fun meeting their staff and seeing all the enthusiasm with, not only the patients, but the staff too,” Nordquist said.

While the den is currently being utilized by two residents, Nordquist says plans to expand to 8 patients is in the works.