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SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) — Not all workouts require you to “feel the burn” in order to help you stay in shape. You’ve heard of hot yoga? Well, there’s a different type of yoga that focuses on keeping you cool.

Jeff Pray is taking this yin yoga class at Sanford Wellness because he needed to downshift the intensity of his exercise routine.

“I started doing yoga about a year ago, when I realized my body needed to change from doing high-impact and high-strength workouts. I wanted to do more strength and balance, as I get a bit older,” Pray said.

Instructors say yin yoga is ideal for older people as well as for other athletes who need a counter-balance to their workouts.

“The more you do intense exercise where you’re finding, I’m very stiff after this, or I’m experiencing a lot of tightness, the more you need yin yoga,” instructor Sarah Bruxvoort said.

That’s because yin yoga focuses on the improving the connective tissues in your body, instead of muscle groups. That’s why yin is often referred to as yoga of the joints.

“Yin tends to be a very slow practice as opposed to other forms of exercises that are active and we’re moving and we want to heat up the body. Yin, we want the body to be cold,” Bruxvoort said.

Yin yoga poses can last minutes at a time. It’s as much of a workout for the mind as it is the body.

“Yin yoga I really like because it’s almost like a moving meditation. So typically, we’ll turn the lights down low, you’re holding poses 3-5 minutes,” Bruxvoort said.

Pray says at first, he was embarrassed to tell his male friends he was taking yin yoga. But now he realizes its no stretch to see the value of embracing yin as the next big thing.

“It’s a phenomenal workout, more so than most people would think. I was pleasantly surprised,” Pray said.

Sanford Wellness offers yin yoga classes on Thursdays and Sundays. If you’re interested in enrolling, click here

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