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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — There are all kinds of ways to relieve sore muscles.

Foam rolling, a massage and stretching may all be able to help.

Mike Johnson exercises about five to six times a week. He follows a routine including cardio, weights and almost always begins with a warm-up.

“Primarily I start by doing 10 to 15 minutes of stretches, more in the legs and the shoulders than anywhere,” Johnson said.

He says if he doesn’t warm up his muscles beforehand, he definitely notices a difference in his workout.

“It’s just a lot more tight, I feel it, being older I feel it more quickly in my joints and if I tend to loosen up a little bit and get the ligaments loose, a lot less stress I think,” Johnson said.

People like Johnson who are hoping to warm up their muscles and avoid that stiffness now a have a new option available to them. General manager of GreatLIFE Mike Smith says the hypervolt can help relieve stiffness, and much more.

“The hypervolt is a percussion massage tool that can be used to increase blood flow to the muscle, help relieve and loosen tight muscles, and help you get warmed up and cooled down from a workout,” Smith said.

He says the device works by giving a deep massage into the muscle, helping the muscles warm up. Smith says skipping a warm up can lead to more than just stiff and sore muscles, which is why he says a warm up routine is crucial.

“It’s going to decrease the risk of injury and just really increase the results from your workout,” Smith said.

And if you’re looking to cut down on your warm up routine, this machine can take about three to five minutes to warm up your muscles– whereas a stretching routine can take almost double that.

Smith says the hypervolt is able to warm up the muscles even more than activities like foam rolling or stretching, creating even better blood flow.

“Our members really love it. People are a little skeptical at first but once they do they swear by it. They want to continue to use it and have really seen great results with it,” Smith said.

Smith says the hypervolt is available at most GreatLIFE locations for members to use.

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