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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Many of us experience stress on a daily basis, and experts say dealing with that stress is important.

A local mom says while her days are busy, managing her stress has made life easier.

As a working mom of two young children, Teresa Blauwet knows just how busy life can get.
And at times, all that business can lead to stress.

“Things that come up on a regular basis. Dishes, laundry, kids, schedules and then I think there’s also unexpected stress. Things that you really can’t plan for,” Teresa Blauwet said.

Owner of wellness company Well365, Trish Dohn says all that stress can leave a mark.

“If someone is carrying a lot of stress they’re more likely to have high blood pressure, a lot of anxiety, it can lead to depression,” Trisha Dohn said.

While experiencing stress is normal, she says managing it is crucial.

Experts say pinpointing the cause of stress is the first step to managing it.

“I feel like most people stress and worry about the unknown or things they can’t control, and so if you can alleviate some of that of just controlling what you can and trying to manage it from that standpoint, helps people quite a bit,” Dohn said.

Which is what Blauwet says has helped her eliminate some of the stresses in her life.

“The more you can plan ahead the better off I am, personally anyway. You know if I can have some meals in the freezer or if I can have the schedule planned out ahead of time that definitely helps me,” Blauwet said.

In addition to planning ahead, Dohn says simple things like eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise and a good night’s sleep can make a difference.

“Obviously things can be more sensitive or you may react to things differently just because you’re so exhausted and tired versus if you have a good night sleep you’re better mentally able to handle some of the unknown stresses that come your way,” Dohn said.

With the tactics to manage your stress, you may begin to notice even less of it.

Well365 regularly works with local businesses to promote overall wellness in employees, including stress management.

If you’re interested in her services, click here.

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