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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Thanksgiving is less than a week away and many may be planning their meals and heading to the store for ingredients.

Dietitians say while you can enjoy the day of feasting with friends and family, you can also make it a healthy one.

Thanksgiving is a day filled with friends and family while giving thanks, but that’s not the only thing people are looking forward to.

“The turkey, you know potatoes, gravy, stuffing,” Julie Gerner said.

This year, Julie Gerner won’t be doing the cooking but instead only the grocery shopping for Thanksgiving — with her kids putting on the apron instead. And while she won’t be preparing dinner, she is cautious about how much goes on her plate.

“I can eat, only eat so much because I had surgery and 18 inches of your colon taken out, you don’t eat very much,” Gerner said.

Registered dietitian Lizzie Kasparek says when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner it’s less about what you’re eating, and more about how much.

“We always call that the last supper syndrome where it’s like, oh my gosh I’m never going to have pumpkin pie for another year and so you try to eat as much of those foods as you can,” Kasparek said.

She says enjoy the foods you like in moderation, and save yourself from overeating by storing the leftovers.

And when it comes to your plate look for a smaller size rather than a larger size, and for your food try to stick to one layer instead of stacking.

Kasparek recommends building your plate with whichever protein you’re having, carbs like potatoes or stuffing and always make room for veggies.
And when it comes to dessert, she’s tells her clients this easy to remember tip.

“Their piece of pie should be about the size of a peace sign, and I said you can always go back and get another peace sign size. But usually like pie or any dessert is going to taste really good for like the first 3 or 4 bites, and then after that, if you get a huge chunk you’re like hm, it’s not tasting so good anymore,” Kasparek said.

And instead of nap time after dessert, she suggests spending time with family while going for a short walk instead.

Kasparek adds that everyone should avoid not eating all day until Thanksgiving dinner, and instead make sure to have a regular breakfast and lunch to help avoid overeating.

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