HealthBeat: Aqua Yogalates

A new exercise trend takes the best of three workouts and combines them into one.  We dive into the benefits of aqua yoga-lates, in this evening's HealthBeat.

78-year-old Mark Donovan has discovered the Fountain of Youth in the pool of the Sanford Wellness Center at Tea-Ellis Road.

"I love it, it's great exercise.  I use the gym ahead of time, keeps me playing golf in my old age, so it's a very enjoyable experience," Donovan said.

This is what the convergence of yoga and pilates looks like, underwater.  Yoga posing in the pool improves flexibility, while pilates in the pool strengthens muscles.

"When you exercise your stomach, your abs and your shoulder and every once and a while, we get off the bottom and get our heart rates up, so it's pretty good," Donovan said.

Since the workout is in the water, there is a lot less stress on your joints.

"On land, you have gravity, in water, you have the resistance of the water and the buoyancy," instructor Diane Runge said.

That buoyancy helps participants put even more stretch into their muscles.  Getting fit while floating.  And feeling the benefits long after you're out of the water.

"It's a very relaxed feeling when you're done, it's like an inexpensive tranquilizer," Donovan said.

Aqua Yoga-lates can also be beneficial for patients recovering from injuries.

To learn more about aquatics programs at Sanford Wellness, click here.

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