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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — People hoping to learn more about which medications are right for them may consider The Sanford Chip, a genetic test.

The test is helping doctors narrow down what works for people, and what doesn’t.

After seeing her mother’s results from The Sanford Chip, Kristi Curl Mandsager was interested in doing the genetic testing for herself.

“All of the medications that she didn’t metabolize correctly, I like am allergic to or can’t take for some reason. So she was like you know what, I think you need to have this done too,” Curl Mandsager said.

And her results gave her the answers she was looking for.

“One of the medications was like for anxiety and stuff and it was not metabolizing correctly and at the end of the day I was like, I’ve taken this medication why am I feeling like this? Well, it’s because my body had metabolized it all already,” Curl Mandsager said.

Now, she says she’s been able to make successful medication swaps that have her feeling better than before.

“So it’s not saying this is the perfect drug at the perfect dose that’s going to work for you, but it really could give your doctor the best first step, or the best next step to just take out that trial and error process and give some evidence to why they’re doing what they’re doing,” Bell said.

Genetic counselor Megan Bell says The Sanford Chip also looks at your risk factor for certain diseases.

Curl Mandsager was surprised to find out what else her results showed.

“We found out that we have a rare genetic thing on the mom’s side of my family called malignant hyperthermia that actually could be fatal in surgeries, it has to do with the gases they give you before surgery,” Curl Mandsager said.

With this information she’s able to inform doctors ahead of time, avoiding complications from the start.

And all it takes is a simple blood draw to get these results.

“It can be valuable for anybody. This is really meant for just the general person that doesn’t have a high risk for any sort of conditions and just might be curious about their health,” Bell said.

You must be 18 or older to have the test performed, which costs $49.

If you’re interested in The Sanford Chip Bell says all you need to do is speak with your Sanford doctor.

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