SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Schools are scrambling to update their COVID-19 policies following the latest guidance from the CDC.

This week the CDC made some big changes when it comes to COVID-19.

“The six feet social distancing has gone away, the requirement for close contacts to quarantine has gone away,” Molly Satter, Health Services Coordinator, said.

“If you get exposed, you should wear a mask for 10 days and you should have a test on day 5. But if you don’t get sick you don’t have to stop going out and seeing people,” said Dr. Jeremy Cauwels, Chief Physician at Sanford Health.

Members of the Sioux Falls district will meet in the coming days to rewrite the guidelines for the 2022-23 school year.

“It was brand new late yesterday [Thursday] afternoon, so we need to pull folks together on our end just to start to review that and make changes to our plan accordingly,” Satter said.

Satter says masks and COVID vaccinations will be encouraged but not mandated as kids return to class.

“We still obviously recommend kids getting vaccinated, we also recommend any child that may have further difficulties either with their immune system or otherwise to limit those exposures the best they can,” Cauwels said.

Dr. Cauwels says COVID cases are surging but they are not resulting in as many hospitalizations as in the past.

“Nationwide we are still seeing 400-500 deaths a day and that’s going to continue to be people in the Dakotas as well. So it’s not time to quit taking precautions, it’s just time now to take individual responsibility and say ‘this is what I can do to protect myself as well as I can,'” Cauwels said.

Satter says the district ideally would like to have a revised version of guidelines in time for the start of the school year.