SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – In an effort to slow the spread, a Sioux Falls mask mandate takes effect at midnight tonight. It requires face coverings in any indoor retail business and city-owned facilities.

Masks, hand sanitizer and social distancing signage are all things you can already find at Coffea Roasterie and 605 Running Company.

“We’ll just be requiring masks in all of our locations and we’ll be making masks available for people to wear or if they don’t have one or they forgot theirs or something like that,” CEO of Coffea Roasterie Darin Kaihoi said.

“So we’ve been enforcing mask wearing for quite awhile now. So, for us, not a lot will change. We’ll change our signage up just a little bit just to re-enforce that it is a mandate now. But for us, we’ve been requesting everyone to wear a mask and providing free masks for several months now,” co-owner of 605 Running Company Greg Koch said.

Earlier this week, both businesses took the Safer Sioux Falls Pledge.

“I think all of the positive messaging that we can get out there, I mean, I just know so many of us local businesses want to do our part, want to help,” Kaihoi said.

“I also think it provides a great resource to show which businesses have taken that pledge and are doing their part in terms of mitigation efforts,” Koch said.

Koch says they just want to promote healthy shopping at 605 Running Company.

“You know, the fact that we’re able to be open now, we did close down in the Spring, so just being open is a celebration for us and, you know, we want to continue to promote health and wellness here, that’s part of our mission for our shop,” Koch said.

And Kaihoi at Coffea says they’re taking this seriously, especially heading into the holiday season.

“We just want to create an environment where people can feel like the can comfortably and safely come in,” Kaihoi said.

Exceptions to the mask mandate include children under the age of five and anyone seated for eating or drinking.