SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A Sioux Falls man’s Facebook Live video paints the devastating picture of COVID-19. 42-year-old Nathan Foote, a father of five, says his only chance for survival is a double lung transplant.

“Just so you all know, this ain’t a joke. I’m not going home. I’m going to die in this room right here.”

Nathan Foote said in a Facebook Live video post on January 4th.
Nathan and Angie Foote and their five children

Hip Hop Artist Nathan Foote, whose stage name is “Crime Spree,” writes lyrics about his difficult life, from getting involved in gang activity in Winner at a young age and going to prison at 16.

After spending 15 years behind bars for aggravated assault and drugs, Foote turned his life around.

Nathan Foote: I’ve been eight years sober; eight years clean, since the day I walked out of prison.
Angie Foote: We’ve been together 19 years, so I’ve seen the steps he’s taken; the improvements he’s made–the sobriety he has–the efforts he’s made as a father and a spouse.

Nathan and Angie Foote

The Footes have five children ranging in age from seven to seventeen. The family thought they had put hard times behind them, when Nathan contracted COVID-19 in October and developed pneumonia.

“The COVID really messed my lungs up. The only thing I can explain it is, they’re scarred. my lungs are scarred,” Nathan said.

Doctors have told Nathan that he needs a double lung transplant. Only there is a shortage of lung donors and COVID-19 has increased the demand for the procedure.

Nathan: They say even if I make the list, lungs are hard to come by. they’re hard to come by so I could be waiting forever for a pair of lungs.
Angie: He doesn’t have forever.

Nathan says if he doesn’t get new lungs within two months, he will die and that is what prompted him to send this message over Facebook to his family and friends.

“So now, I sit and wait. I wait for death to come. It’s like one of the hardest (explative) in the world, man,” Nathan Foote said on Facebook on January 4th.

Kennecke: What is that like to have to face your own death at 42?
Nathan: It’s really hard. Being that I could go at any time, you kind of have to get everything done.

Angie: Nathan had to have some very hard conversations with them, you know the ‘I love yous. I’m proud of you. I’m sorry I have to go so soon.’
Nathan: I just thought I’d have a lot more time with them; a lot more years with them. You can’t take it for granted, you know.

Nathan says he wants people to take COVID-19 seriously.

Nathan: I was a non-believer in this COVID stuff. If you would have asked me before this, I thought COVID was fake. But it’s not fake
Angie: Don’t think it won’t affect you–even though you’re healthy and otherwise have nothing wrong. It could take you down in a moment.
Nathan: Pray for me man, that I get this transplant. I really need this transplant.

The man who goes by “Crime Spree” on stage and who beat the odds stacked up against him in life, won’t give up hope that he can do it one more time on the transplant list

“If I’m ever going to win the lottery then this is the time,” Nathan said.

Nathan ended his Facebook Live video with these words:
“Should we leave with a chant? Crime Spree forever! Crime Spree forever! Don’t let me be forgotten man. I wish it was different. Thank you.”

Nathan Foote goes by “Crime Spree
for his Hip Hop performances

Several COVID-19 patients have received double lung transplants in the U.S.

It can cost up to $1 million. You can take this link to a GoFundMe account set up for the family.