SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Several churches in the Sioux Falls area are working together to deliver meals and necessities, while also helping educate the community on COVID 19. KELOLAND’s Travis Fossing takes a look at the planning that went on Monday at the King of Glory Church.

More than 50 local churches are setting aside their religious differences for the good of the community.

“Our hope and goal right now is to have every type of church involved, whether Presbyterian, Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist, Catholic, we want to pull together the whole community to be one Sioux Falls in the midst of this crisis,” Pastor Rich Merkouris said.

Corona Help Sioux Falls is an effort to help the community during the coronavirus pandemic. One way they’re doing it is through a website.

“If you’re somebody in need of food, in need of diapers, wipes, if you need someone to deliver your prescription medication you can go to that site and that’s available for you,” Reverend Dave Campbell said.

The organization is looking to help everyone from the elderly on down to kids.

“With Sioux Falls not having school, you may or may not know that there’s a lot of kids each and every day that rely on the meals they get from school, and while that might not be something that’s on everyone’s mind, it needs to be because that’s a really significant, really important need that I think is on us,” Campbell said.

Otto Garcia is one of three Spanish pastors in attendance, and hopes to help educate the Hispanic community.

“Many of them ignore what’s going on, they have the fear and have not been educated about the virus, so we’re trying to work together with the city and the churches to bring this knowledge and help for the families who need it,” Pastor Otto Garcia said.

It’s a mission based in Sioux Falls, but extends beyond city limits and to people of any religion.

“I hope we are able to help not only one community, but all communities, regardless of language and background and help everybody who needs the help,” Garcia said.

In addition of food and necessities, the organization is also providing laundry assistance at specific times and locations. All of that information is available on the organization’s website.