On Thursday the Sioux Falls City Council will consider a “stay-at-home” ordinance; this will be the first reading. If it passes that, it moves on to a second reading on Tuesday.

Under the ordinance, people would have to stay at home unless they are going to work at what’s deemed “a critical infrastructure sector job” or they are doing essential activities. Those include going grocery shopping, buying medicine, going to your doctor, buying carryout food or even going for a walk or a bike ride. City councilors Rick Kiley and Christine Erickson both say they support passing the ordinance on to the next phase.

“I will support it to second reading,” Erickson said. “I think it’s important enough to have that conversation, as fluid as this has been- things change by morning.”

“I do believe that I will support it at first reading for the reasons that I stated earlier, that it does give us the opportunity to examine the numbers over the course of the next week,” Kiley said.

“I have some, definitely have some concerns with how it’s written currently,” Erickson said. “I am concerned there’s not enough exemption for that nurse that her car breaks down, are the mechanic places deemed open?”

If the stay-at-home order passes its second reading, it would receive the mayor’s signature and go into effect a week from Friday.