HURON, S.D. (KELO) — Northwestern Energy has donated $10,000 to Horizon Healthcare’s coronavirus relief fund, hoping to help the rural healthcare system that reaches 22 communities in South Dakota.

Both Horizon Healthcare and Northwestern Energy are present in many South Dakota rural communities.

“They’re keeping the power on, the lights on. We’re keeping power for our people right, we’re helping them, we’re caring for them,” Tracy Pardy said.

The idea is for Northwestern Energy’s donation to motivate others to contribute, too.

“It’s a humble gift. It really is. We don’t have crazy amounts of money to give like other companies do, but we’re doing what we can to the people that are impacting our customers,” Tom Glanzer said.

Tom Glanzer’s father Bob was a South Dakota State Representative who passed away in early April from COVID-19. For the lawmaker’s son, helping Horizon Healthcare continues his father’s passion for affordable rural healthcare.

“It’s an honor to my dad, an honor to my family, and to all the people that will benefit from it,” Tom Glanzer said.

“We have had some wonderful support from our communities across the state. People wanting to make a gift in honor of somebody, in memory of somebody, just to say thank you so much to our healthcare workers,” Pardy said.

Glanzer knows the donation won’t solve Horizon’s financial setbacks, but says he wants to do his part to help.

“Rural healthcare is a major milestone in South Dakota. We can’t let it go backwards just because of the last two to three months,” Glanzer said.

The donation will buy personal protective equipment as well as provide something more intangible.

“It provides hope to know that people do care. Thank goodness for Northwestern Energy for partnering with us, and collaborating with us with this gift to help South Dakotans,” Pardy said.

Horizon Healthcare says they’ve raised $19,000 dollars so far, which includes the $10,000 gift. People wishing to help can visit the horizon health foundation’s website here.