SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – With the fast spreading omicron variant, some Sioux Falls businesses are re-instating COVID-19 rules that were much more common in the beginning of the pandemic.

“If we have to shut down again, if we are out of work for a couple weeks, all of us are just, we don’t have an income,” Ashley Premer said.

Ashley and Erik Premer own Vibrant Body Arts and Vibrant Salon along Minnesota Avenue. Their decision to require masks again is also to protect their daughter.

“I have asthma, our daughter has bad asthma as well. And yeah, you know, just taking precautionary measures,” Erik Premer said.

“We have a child, one of our tattooers has a kid, two kids, everyone either has spouses or their own medical issues like, you don’t just affect the people in our shop, you affect everyone around us,” Ashley Premer said.

Close contact with customers can’t be avoided during a haircut, piercing or tattoo appointment. So a mask requirement is their first step in avoiding the need for other safety protocols.

“There’s even a chance we might have to tighten the reins more on what we do,” Erik Premer said. “Like, we’re doing the masks to prevent having to take those extra measures of only working by appointment or not letting people bring in like a hand holder or some sort of visitor and things like that.”

The Premer’s also encourage everyone to reschedule appointments if they are feeling sick.

“We’ll always be here for you. You know, it’s better to wait than risk all of us and, you know, themselves too,” Erik Premer said.

“It’s a small price to pay to keep your fellow man safe,” Ashley Premer said.

Ashley and Erik say they aren’t sure yet when they’ll lift the mask requirement at their shop.