Local woman tests positive for COVID-19, warns others not to let their guards down


Most local social distancing measures are a thing of the past, and it’s easy to let your guard down. A local woman did, and now she has COVID-19. She says she didn’t go to crowded bars, nor did she fly away for a beach vacation. Even though she thought she was safe, she now wants to remind you why the pandemic isn’t over.

Sadie Swier stayed at home, worked from home, and did her due diligence to protect herself and others from COVID-19. But, she admits, after a few months — and after seeing social distancing guidelines fade away — she was getting quarantine fatigue. So, she didn’t see a problem with testing out a normal life.

“I was ready to go back out. I didn’t go out any places socially, but we had a friend’s birthday party and that was 15 people,” Swier said.

Even though she says they tried to stay away from each other, she noticed something wasn’t right afterwards.

“I started having the symptoms of no smell or no taste on Saturday,” Swier said.

That was it. She did not have a fever, chills, nor any of the glaring signs she was sick. Even though she looks well and feels well, she tested positive for COVID-19 and wants to warn others to stay safe.

“And my initial feeling was guilt, because I was sick. Because I felt so bad I was sick and I had been around people,” Swier said.

Swier considers herself lucky because she, right now, doesn’t appear to have a severe case of COVID.

Brady: It does seem like some people do feel shame about this, but did you feel compelled to share your story to break some type of stigma?”
Sadie: Yes. And I’m so glad you’re talking about this. I read something about COVID and it said, if you get it, you shouldn’t feel guilty. You shouldn’t feel like it’s your fault, because that is the feeling I had

Swier says at least two other people at the birthday party tested positive for COVID-19. She’s now in quarantine for at least ten days.

It’s ok to want to get back to normal. If you do, Sadie says, be careful. Just because you can’t see as many signs of the problem, doesn’t mean the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t still here.

“I don’t want to turn people away and say go back to your houses. It’s just that I learned my lesson, because I wasn’t being smart about following CDC guidelines,” Swier said.

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