SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – As the country tries to slow the spread of COVID-19, the CDC is now recommending that those with underlying health conditions or adults with high-risk jobs get the Pfizer booster shot – that includes everyone from doctors to teachers.

Shelby Schmidt is a clinical care leader at Sanford Health in Sioux Falls. She has been looking forward to getting extra protection against COVID-19.

“I see post-COVID patients pretty frequently and still, the patient population I take care of is almost always in the high-risk, the elderly, you know immunocompromised, that sort of thing,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt says the booster shot will help her feel safer in her personal life as well.

“My little girl can’t get it, the vaccine, she’s too young,” Schmidt said. “And I’m currently pregnant also, so that is a huge benefit also. I hope that it will help baby in the future and then protect myself for the rest of my pregnancy.”

Doctors say it’s important to be as protected as you can against COVID-19 if you’re pregnant.

“We do know that, with pregnant moms, if they were to contract COVID-19, they’re at greater, increased risk of having more serious health effects from that,” Bianca Johnson, a pediatrician with Sanford Health said. “So trying to protect the mom as much as possible because what’s good for the mom is good for the baby.”

A decision to further protect herself, her children and her patients.

“Talk to your doctor if you think that it’s something that you have questions on or find someone, you know, within the system that knows the answers to the specifics about why it’s important and why boosters are being offered now,” Schmidt said.

Sanford Health has announced that, starting Tuesday, those that are eligible will be able to start making appointments with them for booster shots.