SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) — Augustana University is giving students and staff a financial boost if they’re vaccinated against COVID-19.

Full-time staff who work on campus this upcoming fall semester will receive $500 if they’re vaccinated; part-time staff get $250. Vaccinated students get $150 if they take classes on campus and report to the school when they got their shots.

Isaac Fink is going to be a freshman this upcoming semester at Augustana University. He plans to study biology and is going to run cross country and track. He likes the $150 incentive.

“I feel like everyone should be vaccinated, but it’s a little added incentive to make sure everyone does get vaccinated,” Fink said.

“It’s a huge priority for Augustana to make sure we continue to provide face-to-face student learning opportunities, classroom experiences for all of our students,” said Shannan Nelson, chief financial officer and executive vice president with the school.

Nelson says the money is about in-person education.

“We feel like providing this incentive for our students, faculty and staff as well as a gratitude payment for those who already have the vaccination will continue to ensure that we provide a face-to-face student experience here on our campus,” Nelson said.

Fink says he’s a bit nervous about COVID-19.

“Most of my senior year was online, which wasn’t fun,” Fink said. “But I don’t mind wearing masks as long as we’re in person, so, I’m a little worried about it, but mainly just for like, the possibility of going online.”

He’s fully vaccinated, and he has an idea about what he’ll do with that $150.

“Probably buy running shoes,” Fink said.

According to the school, nearly 80% of staff are fully vaccinated, and more than 64% of students are fully vaccinated. These numbers come from people self-reporting to the school.