Collagen: Fountain of youth?


SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — As you age, the production of natural oils in your skin decreases causing skin to appear more wrinkled.

One way to improve the look of your skin is to increase the collagen in your body.

Three months ago, Jessie Smith started consuming collagen in powder form. In that short time she says she’s already felt the benefits.

“I feel like my nails are strong too, my hair has grown. It doesn’t have a taste so I like to just put it in my coffee in the morning,” Jessie Smith said.

Tara Whiting, general manager at Wayne & Mary’s Nutrition Center says while most people may turn to collagen for it’s wrinkle reversing effects, the product has more to offer.

“Collagen is actually the most abundant protein in the body. It helps with things like skin, hair, nails, joints, cartilage, all of that,” Whiting said.

In fact, Smith says she wasn’t drawn to it for it’s anti-aging properties– but instead help with joint pain.

“My knees. I always have kind of like a knee pain after I workout and you know, just knowing that my dad has arthritis and stuff, want to stay on top of it,” Smith said.

Whiting says you can get collagen from certain foods, but most supplement forms come from hides, bones, or fish scales.

The protein rich product can be found in various forms at Wayne & Mary’s, ranging from pills and powders, to a juice like blend.

Experts say there are 5 main types of collagen, and they all treat their own specific areas of the body.

Smith consumes a blend of all 5 of the main types, which is why she’s noticed more than just joint pain relief. But if you only have a certain area you want to target, Whiting says you can find blends with the specific type you need.

“Types 1 and 3 are more responsible for skin, hair and nails. Type 2 is more responsible for cartilage, tendons, that type of thing,” Whiting said.

The product has been a popular item with many influencers touting their results. Whiting says she’s seen the popularity as the product flies off store shelves.

“It’s definitely a very hot topic right now,” Whiting said.

Whiting added she’s unaware of any negative side effects of consuming collagen.

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