Cold And Flu Myths


You may be familiar with the saying “put a coat on so you don’t catch a cold.”

But does putting on your coat actually stop you from getting sick?

Catching a cold from the cold is a saying Judith Schmuck is very familiar with. 

“I was taught that but I don’t agree with it now. I feel you catch it because you come in contact with another person who has the virus,” Schmuck said. 

According to Pharmacist Sara Hicks, the familiar saying has no truth to it. 

“No, technically you can’t catch a cold from the cold weather,” Hicks said. 

That’s not the only preventative measure people take to avoid getting sick. 

“When I have a cold coming on I drink more orange juice, and that’s vitamin C,” Schmuck said.

But does it actually work? Hicks says the extra vitamin C won’t hurt, but it won’t make you better either.

“It’s just going to alleviate your symptoms. It might cut that cold short by maybe a day, maybe two, it’s not going to cure your cold,” Hicks said. 

When it comes to keeping germs away, Hicks recommends hand washing over hand sanitizing.

“Having you know a hand sanitizer in your purse, when you’re going grocery shopping or just out and about it’s good to sanitize your hands, they’re clean but really the best preventative is to just wash with hot soapy water,” Hicks said. 

And if you haven’t got your flu shot yet it’s not too late. The sooner you get it the better though, because experts say you’re not protected immediately. 

“The flu shot takes about 10 days, 10 days to two weeks to kind of get your immune system ramped up and ready to protect against that virus,” Hicks said. 

If you do fall ill turn, to chicken noodle soup. The benefits of the old fashioned remedy may surprise you. 

“There’s some studies that suggest there is some anti-inflammatory properties within the chicken noodle soup because of the vegetables, because of the chicken,” Hicks said. 

Above all, Hicks says to stay home when you’re sick to avoid spreading your germs. Schmuck says obligations or not, your health as well as the health of those around you is more important. 

“I don’t think we should subject other people to the virus. Say I’m in a knitting group, if I’m ill I do not go because I don’t want them to get this,” Schmuck said.

For more tips on staying healthy this cold and flu season, click here.

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