Bouncing into fitness


Fitness classes can make working out more fun for some, while holding them accountable.

But a local fitness class is taking it a step further, where participants say it doesn’t even feel like working out at all.

When you step inside this fitness class you’ll quickly realize there’s less room for standing, and more room for jumping.

That’s because this bounce fitness class incorporates trampolines.

“I kind of was a little hesitant at first too because you’re like, jumping on a trampoline, I’ve had a few kids, like all of this stuff. But once you get in there it’s fun,” Shannon Nielsen said.

Shannon Nielsen has been active her whole life, but says as she gets older fitness has become a priority.

Class instructor Katie Sitzman says the class attracts all ages and all fitness levels.

“Bounce is for anybody. It’s low impact, high intensity so it really is aimed for anybody who wants a good workout and a good sweat,” Sitzman said.

Sitzman says the class is rhythm based, keeping participants involved and upbeat.

“Each song represents a different section of class so it’s so fun to mix it up,” Sitzman says.

But it’s not just good for those who like having fun during their workouts.

Sitzman says the trampoline offers a low impact way to get your cardio in.

“It is 80 percent less impact than a workout would be on a treadmill and 20 percent more effective, so it’s a nice way to get your workout in,” Sitzman said.

Nielsen is a runner, but opts for this class to give her knees a break.

“Usually after running I will feel a little bit in my knees, or my back, this class I have nothing, no pains,” Nielsen said.

And if you want to come to this class make sure to get here early, because it fills up fast.

“It is probably our most popular class. Definitely has wait lists frequently and clients seem to really enjoy it,” Sitzman said.

If you’re interested in signing up for the class, click here.

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