Are you getting enough sleep?


SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — As we start off the work week some of us may be thinking, “I wish I got more sleep over the weekend.”

Doctors say in order for your body to function properly, you may consider actually doing so.

Jeff Little says since retiring he’s been able to get a good amount of sleep.

“I usually try to get at least 7 hours of sleep, that usually is about what I average I would think. Sometimes a little more since I’ve retired,” Little said.

Dr. Josh Doorn says adults should be getting between 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night, although that number can vary from person to person.

“Each individual is different. Some people may function well on maybe 6 and some people may require up to 10,” Doorn said.

He says a lot of the patients he sees tend to under sleep, with one of the biggest issues being a TV in the bedroom.

While Tory Fodness doesn’t blame his bedroom TV for keeping him up, he does admit to only getting 4 hours of sleep each night.

“I got insomnia real bad so,” Fodness said.

And the effects of consistently not getting enough sleep are worse than just feeling tired all the time.

“When you’re not getting enough sleep it can be like being intoxicated as far as judgment and decision making,” Doorn said.

He says chronic lack of sleep can result in your immune system not working as well as it should, and is also correlated with cardiovascular disease.

For those struggling with getting to bed, he says there are some things you can do to make bedtime easier.

“Remove TV from the bedroom, try to set a set bedtime, which isn’t always possible, a set wakeup time, keep the bedroom a little cooler or have your house a little bit cooler at night, that tends to help people fall asleep,” Doorn said.

Physicians also suggest people avoid napping throughout the day.

While a nap can seem tempting, Doorn says napping can make it even harder to get to sleep at night.

With a solid sleep schedule down, Little’s advice to others is simple.

“You should try to you know, get your hours in and get into bed at a good hour. Especially if you have to work, you want to be up and ready to go,” Little said.

Experts say the amount of sleep adults should be getting differs widely compared to children

For a list of how much sleep every age should be getting, click here.

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