SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, a local dermatologist is hoping people will keep an eye on their skin in addition to their physical symptoms.

As people begin to venture out of their homes again, it’s still important to monitor yourself for any symptoms of COVID-19– including on your skin.

“In the very beginning, all of the skin things that they were skin manifestations, that they were seeing were very nonspecific. Meaning you could see him with a whole bunch of different diseases,” Sarbacker said.

Local dermatologist Dr. Sarah Sarbacker says skin issues including hives and measles-like rashes that appear in some COVID patients can be seen with many other viruses too.

But an issue that isn’t as commonly seen is being referred to as ‘COVID toes’.

“In this asymptomatic population and it was children, teenagers, 20-year-olds, and for some reason, a bit more in women, we started to see these funny bumps on toes sometimes on fingers, but way more on toes,” Sarbacker said.

She says COVID toes presents as painful red bumps, similar to a bug bite. What isn’t clear yet is whether the coronavirus is to blame.

“We really think it is from, you know, having COVID, but that has not been born out by the studies yet,” Sarbacker said.

With more research needed, The American Academy of Dermatology started a registry to help experts understand skin manifestations like this that may be tied to COVID-19.

“You think back, you know, in early in March, when we started to realize that people would lose their sense of smell and thus their sense of taste. So it’s going to be one more sign that helps us accurately identify people,” Sarbacker said.

For now, Sarbacker suggests people pay attention to any changes in their skin and call their doctor if anything unusual appears.

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