3D Body Scan

Stepping on the scale or measuring your waist is one way to check your physical health.  But there's another method you can use that's more than just numbers.

Step on the platform, grab the handles and hold still. 

Wearing as little as possible with your hair pulled back, this Fit3D ProScanner is able to produce a 3D image of your body. 

In just 35 seconds, the device detects more than 450 measurements, providing a detailed report shortly after.

"It tells you the fat and muscle in your legs, your arms, your stomach, literally all over," Kayla Waldner said. 

"The old tape measure's great... but like I said, with this thing you really can't lie with it," Nick Ovenden with GreatLIFE said.

The measurements include your body circumference, volume and length in order to help you set and reach your fitness goals.

This is the only 3D scanner of its kind in Sioux Falls and it's free of charge, just as long as you're a GreatLIFE member. 

"I was trying to gain more muscle, lose more fat and I was having a hard time losing some in the abdominal area," Waldner said.

Through Waldner's body scans, she and her health coach determined her struggle with the abdominal region was related to nutrition.

"We really wanted to check in and see if I cut out gluten, if I cut out milk completely, how my body would react," Waldner said. 

"If you have sensitivities to different types of food, you'll get inflammation in the gut and if you take some of that stuff out and you are sensitive to it, you'll see that reduced pretty significantly," Ovenden said. 

In addition to a lactose intolerance, Waldner found out gluten was also off the menu. 

"It actually worked really well, cutting the two out," Waldner said.

Clients are able to do multiple scans throughout their fitness journey, and can then compare their 3D images to see progress. 

"It just definitely kept me accountable to lose, and make sure I wasn't cheating or eating gluten or taking in any milk products which is really hard," Waldner said.

Right now, the Fit 3D scanner is only available at the Woodlake location. 

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