Groundbreaking For Arc Of Dreams


A new sculpture is going up in downtown Sioux Falls – this one will be much bigger than the rest.

A groundbreaking was held Wednesday for Arc of Dreams, and we were there to show you what visitors can expect.

Trying to find a way to celebrate the success of the Downtown SculptureWalk turned into a much bigger project for a few Sioux Falls visionaries. 

“And it’s ten years, I tell Jim we need to do something special. And it’s going to require something special. That’s where the whole concept came up about let’s put something across the river,” said Arc of Dreams visionary, Paul Schiller. 

“He says I said, ‘You’re nuts,’ or ‘You’re carzy.’ But I wouldn’t say that about a good idea. But it was a crazy idea,” said Jim Clark, SculptureWalk Director.

Once Paul Schiller and Jim Clark got approval from the city, and support from private donors, they needed to find the right person to bring the idea to life. They decided it had to be South Dakota artist, Dale Lamphere.

“Dale is an art, engineering genius, with a huge spirit and a big heart,” said Clark. 

Just two weeks ago, we showed you Lamphere’s latest project, the statue Dignity along Interstate 90 in Chamberlain.

Now, he’s ready to tackle the Arc of Dreams: a 5 story, stainless steel arch spanning the Big Sioux River.

“They both proceed out almost 150 feet, where they terminate into a synapse between them. There’s a gap between them of about 18 feet between them. It’s in that synapse that we represent that leap of faith,” said Lamphere. 

Supporters have high hopes this new, massive piece of artwork will bring more than just tourists to the downtown area. 

“The new awareness will truly advance economic development, workforce development in so many ways for so many years,” said Schiller. 

The project is being funded by private donors, with a goal of $1.25 Million. Schiller says they are at $1.17 Million right now.

Ground work will begin this winter, with a final installation date goal for the Fall of 2017. 

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