The holiday shopping season is supposed to be a busy time for businesses. From the building collapse to dangerously cold temperatures, it’s been a season of setbacks in downtown Sioux Falls.  

Even Governor Dennis Daugaard has taken notice.    

Downtown Sioux Falls contacted the Governor earlier this week to come and visit the area to see how businesses are rebounding after a tough few weeks. Thursday, the Governor had a simple message: shop local.

Governor Dennis Daugaard is doing some Christmas shopping in Downtown Sioux Falls, something he wants others to do this week. He says after the building collapse closed down traffic and cold temperatures kept shoppers home, it’s time to help the area get back on track.

“To have a couple back-to-back problems interfere with what would otherwise be their best month of the year just felt like I wanted to help them recover from that a little bit and ask others who might be listening to help them as well,” Daugaard said. 

Daugaard, along with officials from Downtown Sioux Falls, are going store to store to talk with owners about how they are doing leading up to Christmas. From 605 Running Company to Mama’s Phried and Philly, the Governor got to hear stories from the local businesses.

Executive Director of Downtown Sioux Falls Joe Batcheller says it’s great for the owners to be able to see they are getting support from the State. He also says this time of the year is crucial for a store’s bottom line for the whole year. 

“Some of the businesses, they rely on almost as much as 50 percent of their total revenues for the year come during the holiday shopping season,” Batcheller said. 

The Governor says no matter where you are in South Dakota, it’s important to get out and shop local. 

“Whether it’s downtown Winner, or downtown Rapid City or Aberdeen, come and support your local merchant because it’s your local merchants who pay property taxes, support your schools, hire your neighbors, maybe hire you,” Daugaard said. 

Trying to help an area rebound one dollar at a time.