Early voting begins on Friday in South Dakota. As we get closer to election day, Google has been releasing state-by-state how candidates are trending on the search engine. Obviously this isn’t a look at what candidate is doing best in the state, but gives an idea what is on potential voters’ minds. 

Here’s a look at the search interest in the candidates in South Dakota: 

So, what are the issues impacting voters in KELOLAND? Well, Google gives us an idea of the most searched issues in South Dakota in the past week:

Here’s a county-by-county breakdown of the candidate being searched the most:

Finally, after the Democratic and Republic conventions, Google searches for voter registration skyrocketed. Gregory County, SD ranked 10 out of 3,142 counties in search interest in voter registration. Gregory is ranked 39th largest county by population in South Dakota.

Google Trends data is aggregated and anonymous.