Girl Talk: Information For Young Girls


Empowering young women with the right information is the goal of Sanford Health’s upcoming “Girl Talk” event. 

The event is bringing topics such as internet safety and both physical and emotional health to light. 

Megan Bryant says discussing topics regarding physical and emotional changes that accompany growing up with her 11-year-old daughter is important. 

“I feel like her entering middle school she’s going to learn so much, or she’s going to hear so much from the older classmates and I want her to know what’s right and what’s not right,” Bryant said.  

She attended last years “Girl Talk” event hosted by Sanford Health and is looking forward to attending her second one.

“I feel like having that conversation about sex and puberty isn’t a one time conversation. We started it at home, and then we went to the event last year and we’ve talked about it since, and we’re going to talk about it again,” Bryant said. 

“If you’re not talking to your daughter during that time, oftentimes kids get information from other sources, the internet, their friends who honestly their friends don’t know anymore than they do. They might think they do, but they don’t,” Dr. Amy Kelley said. 

Kelley, a speaker at the event, says while the event is meant to be informative, it’s also for safety. She says the average age of sex abuse is age 9.

“It can help protect them from people who can trick and use their naivety against them. Because if they don’t know what sex is, then they don’t know that it’s only between adults,” Kelley said. 

Health changes during adolescence is just a part of the event. Experts will also give a presentation about internet safety. 

“There’s a lot online that they can get into without even meaning to,” Kelley said. 

“We have pass codes, we have all the filters set but still, just like Dr. Kelley said they can get into anything,” Bryant said. 

Kelley recommends parents have these conversations between age 8 and 10, and hopes this event will make having the conversation a little easier. 

The event takes place on April 6th. 

To register, call (605) 328-4609 or visit; keyword Girl Talk. 

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