Gas Prices Climb In KELOLAND


As summer comes to an end, more and more families are hitting the road to squeeze in that last vacation; and gas prices are rising.

We talked with drivers and AAA to find out what this means for your travel plans.

For a lot of moms, budgeting is everything, and prices at the pump definitely play a role.

“Plan ahead. Save. Plan our family arrangements around them,” said Briana Larson, from Winner. 

“We use the envelope system. So we have gas money, grocery money, spending money,” said Hayley Kaemingk, Rapid City resident. 

Gas prices over the last few months have been unusual. Typically summer blend costs go up at the beginning of the season and continue to climb. 

“Gas prices have really not done what we expected them to do. Last year they were even lower than they are this year, but we’ve enjoyed some pretty low gas prices over the summer season,” said Marilyn Buskohl with AAA. 

Unfortunately that trend is heading the opposite direction now. According to AAA, prices across South Dakota are up 11 cents from one month ago. In Sioux Falls, they’ve jumped 16 cents. 

“Horrible. I hate it. And then my ride is a big gas hog. So it takes a lot,” said Larson.

While some are fighting through, others are taking the highs and lows in stride, waiting for the next wave of change.

“I don’t really pay attention. Just because we have to come. I’m a mom of four and I run around I always fill up and just go and do what I need to do,” said Kaemingk. 

“The prediction going forward, basically, is gas prices we’ll see them continue to climb until probably mid-September, late September. Then hopefully they’ll go down,” said Buskohl. 

AAA says the reason for the current increase in prices is inventory supplies are down, and demand is very high.

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