Garth Brooks Song Forever Changed Sioux Falls Couple


Seeing Garth Brooks in concert at the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center will be a bittersweet experience for one Sioux Falls woman.  She’s excited about attending the concert with friends next weekend.   But the outing will also be tempered by sadness because of who won’t be going with her that day.

To Mat and Megan Timmer, Garth Brooks’s ballad “If Tomorrow Never Comes,” was their song.

“Mat and I met when we were juniors in high school and one night, when we were at our friend’s house, he talked me into dancing in the back of a truck, in the bed of a truck, and the song that was playing happened to be this song, Megan Timmer said.

In 2007, the onetime high school sweethearts were slow-dancing to the song again, this time, at their wedding.

“Even when we got engaged, he actually had that song playing and so it has a very strong emotional significance to it for us,” Timmer said.

The song’s message about the fragility and uncertainty of life, took on added meaning to the Timmers when when Mat was diagnosed with brain cancer.

“I hit the floor right away, very emotional.  Mat had probably about ten-minutes of being emotional with that and then he refocused and said if this is the journey that God’s going to put me on, then, we’re going to do it.  And he did it with the biggest amount of grace I’ve ever seen anyone do,” Timmer said.

But the cancer progressed.  And in May, Mat Timmer died in hospice.

“It was hard.  We have two young kids.  Sorry.  Sorry, it’s hard.  When he passed, that was probably the hardest day of my life,” Timmer said.

Timmer will sometimes listen to the song that was so central to her relationship with Mat to help her through her grief.  She’s hoping to hear Garth Brooks sing their song when she attends his concert on September 23, exactly one year to the day after Mat’s diagnosis.  

“I mean, to me, that’s divine intervention, right there,” Timmer said.

PERRY GROTEN: There’s no guarantee that Brooks will sing “If Tomorrow Never Comes” when he’s in Sioux Falls.  But Timmer is hoping for a little Divine nudge to get that song on his playlist.

“I’m praying hard that that song’s going to play.  I know that he has many songs and that one’s slower, so I’m not sure it will get played, or not.  But, I’m really hoping it will and I know if it does, that Mat will be right there beside me,” Timmer said.

Perhaps, even, one final slow dance for Megan and Mat to a song that’s struck an eternal chord.

Timmer had difficulty getting tickets to the concert.  She credits her boss at Avera Health for lining up the tickets so she could attend.

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