SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – The potential for spring flooding is already on the minds of many city and county officials in southeast KELOLAND.

While it may not be flooding right now, officials are urging people to be ready for what could come.

“If you had some flooding last year, there’s a possibility you will have flooding again this year so you need to start preparing,” Minnehaha County Emergency Manager, Jason Gearman said.

Much of southeast KELOLAND experienced significant flooding over the past year.

Since then, officials have updated flood response plans, but that’s not all.

“We’ve conducted an inventory of resources related to flood response, things such as additional pumps have been purchased and acquired and are ready to respond if necessary, we even inventoried our sandbags and traps supplies,” City of Sioux Falls Emergency Manager, Regan Smith said.

There are also things you can do now to prepare for possible flooding.

“Decluttering their drains, gutters, install check valves into their drain, consider a battery backup, sump pumps shouldn’t drain into the sanitary system, those should go into the street or stormwater system,” Smith said.

And while officials are still concerned for the potential of flooding, recent good weather is giving them a more positive outlook.

“It’s been a dry last few weeks, we did get a little bit of a dusting last night but this has been good weather to help thaw out the ground and have a slow melt which has been great for us to see,” Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken said. “Last fall and earlier in the winter, much more concerned than I am now, I am still concerned.”

“We are actively preparing to respond if necessary,” Smith said.

Homeowners should find check if their home or business is in the flood plain and get flood insurance if necessary. That needs to be done 30 days before a flood event happens.