Flashback Friday: Stranded In A Blizzard In 1983


It seems that all anyone could talk about this week was the cold.

And this week’s historic temperatures had KELOLAND’s Don Jorgenson thinking about a time he got stuck in the cold. He, his brother, and some of their friends got stranded in a blizzard after their car went into a ditch. In this week’s Flashback Friday, we take a look at the story done about their journey in 1983.

The men were returning to Parker from a bachelor party in Sioux Falls when the car eased into the ditch.
After an unsuccessful attempt to reach a nearby house they spent the night in the car.
“We all huddled in the front seat. Four in the front and one in the back and then we’d switch. Somebody would go into the back and someone would come up front to keep warm.” 
A full gas tank kept the heater on all night.
But by morning with less than a quarter of a tank left they ventured back out into the blizzard.
“I thought there was no way we were going to make it because we had ran so far and you wouldn’t believe how tired you get. We were just breathing as hard as we could.”
“We couldn’t see a few feet in front of us. It was just all white. The wind was still just as strong but it was light. We saw that curve sign so we just kept on going.”
“We couldn’t have made it another hundred yards I don’t think without collapsing.”
They found a haven at the Dale Crandall home.
“We ran downstairs and here were three very frozen young men.
Had them come in and they told us that they had spent the night in their car and that there were 2 more still stranded in the car.”
After bundling up the man went back after the other two. 
They spent most of Christmas with the Crandall’s but then the Crandall’s are used to getting unexpected company.
They shared their Thanksgiving dinner with a family whose car died in that holiday storm.
 Bobby Lower, KELOLAND News.

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