Flashback Friday: Comic book craze in 1986


A lot of people will be heading to the movie theater this weekend for the release of the latest Avengers movie. But an interest in superheroes definitely isn’t anything new.

In this week’s Flashback Friday, we take a look at how comic book fans were catching up with their favorite characters in 1986.

While many teenagers earn their summertime paychecks serving up fast food, 16 year old Bob Domaleski sells comic books.
“It’s not really work to me. It’s kind of like my hobby. So I’m just sitting here watching all my comic books. It’s really neat to just look at everything you got and say, ‘oh boy, this is my stuff.'”
“As far as making any money, I think that’s secondary. I think he’s just doing it for the enjoyment.”
Bob Domaleski Senior loaned money to Bob Junior in order to get his business off the ground.
Since then, the high school junior has built his inventory up to 7000 comics.
A crime fighting team called the X-Men are his biggest sellers, and surprisingly, the old comic veteran Superman isn’t such a super seller according to Bob.
He says business so far is allowing him to pay the bills, and it’s also providing some fringe benefits.
“A lot of people I know that are looking for jobs, they like to come in here and just do volunteer work so when I go out for a real job I’ll know what to do now. So I say fine just come on, I can go outside and sit around while they’re working in here for me.”
Bob is already talking about expansion, hoping to open another store in town in the not too distant future.
He says college may have to go on hold if business really starts booming.
Or, as the X-Men put it, “thooming”.
Perry Groten, KELOLAND news, Rapid City.

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