Fixing Pavement Problems


Most homeowners know clearing snow from the sidewalk is up to them in the winter. Did you know you’re also in charge of making sure they’re in good shape in the summer?

We decided to take a look at the different pavement problems and what you’re expected to do about them.  

As you spend more time outdoors, you may notice more issues on city sidewalks. 

“When it gets warmer out like it is today, we’ve got a lot of people out and about. After the winter, some new sidewalk hazards pop up,” Wes Philips, Principal Engineer for Sioux Falls, said. 

Those hazards are the homeowners’ problem.  According to state law, South Dakota homeowners are responsible for the maintenance and repair of sidewalks on their property. That means if there’s a crack or section raised more than half an inch, the city will give you a warning before going into action. 

“Essentially make the repair for them, with the council’s approval, and then they would pay for that later with their taxes,” Philips said.

“Some people trip, fall. The neighbors, whoever. Then the problem gets addressed. Either one of the two ways,” Keith Koenig, President of Raise Rite, said. 

Not everyone knows how, or has the proper equipment, to fix the pavement. 

Koenig with Raise Rite in Sioux Falls says they get between five to 15 calls a week about city sidewalks. Raise Rite offers grinding down the problem area, raising up sections or replacing the whole slab. 

With a wide range of options for repairs, there’s also a range of potential prices.

“Looking at anywhere from $250 to $700, right in that range. Pretty cost efficient,” Koenig said. 

While most people don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on sidewalk repairs, it could keep your taxes down and prevent any lawsuits from popping up in the future. 

“If someone is injured on the sidewalk in front of your house, there could be some liability. Certainly, we want to get those sidewalks repaired so hopefully that doesn’t happen,” Philips said. 

The City has a list of Frequently Asked Questions, and a number to call to report damaged sidewalks, on its website.

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